Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting !

It's been a while since I linked up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple, so here goes...



Source: via Michele on Pinterest


Tuesday, January 22, 2013



It's been weeks since my last post and I don't even have a good reason.

I wish I could say I was basking in the sunshine on a Caribbean cruise
but it would be a big fat lie.

I have been busy entertaining my little princess who seems to be growing up so fast.
She now eats big people's food

I feel like I was just feeding her mashed peaches and now she and I are eating the same dinner!
Here she is enjoying some American Chop Suey.

I have also been spending lots of time organizing my house.

For Christmas my hubby got me the makeup vanity I had wanted.
I've been DYING to get one so I can finally organize all my crap beauty products.
It's crazy how fast things can get messy when you have SO MUCH STUFF.
Between lip glosses, eye shadows, bronzers, and face lotions my stuff was EVERYWHERE!

It's so nice to have everything organized and I am in love with my new vanity!

I found this cute lamp at Target and HAD to have it !
It's not the type of lamp I would put in my living room, but when I saw it
I had to have it and it looks perfect in its new home!

While shopping at Target I also found this jewelry armoire that was the perfect solution to my jewelry situation! And since my hubby loves to make me happy he got it for me to go with my new vanity :)

And to finish my organization I needed one last finishing touch....

I found this on etsy and it looks great above my mirror.