The Princess

December 21st  2011....

4 days past my due date...

Christmas was in the air..........and I was ready to spend the holiday with my lil' munchkin!

I went in for my weekly checkup and begged them to just take her out, I was so ready to meet the little version of me that would change my life forever. The nurse smiled and opened the door and yelled to the doctor, "Her blood pressure is high, I think we should send her to the hospital". The doctor came in and told the nurse that was probably best. The nurse winked at me on my way out and I thanked her :)

We drove to the hospital and there were knots in my stomach....was this actually about to happen? Was I going to have a baby today???? My husband was so nervous & excited he could barely stand it. We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to a bunch of machines to monitor my "high blood pressure".  After 3 hours of watching Family Feud I couldn't stand the anticipation anymore - were they going to send me home or bring me down the hall to the delivery room?

Finally the doctor came in and said "since you are already past your date & it's not that busy today we are going to induce you".

AHHHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY!!!! But now after hearing those words I knew this was it.... We came into the hospital as Justin & Michele.... and we are going to leave with a daughter! It was crazy to think that we were going to be parents in the next few hours..... but we were ready & couldn't wait any longer!

They induced me around 5:00 that night & at 5:30 the next morning it was time to

Miss Madyson was born 3 days before Christmas at 8:02 a.m. - obviously the best Xmas gift ever!

Let me tell you, maybe 8 pounds 8 ounces doesn't sound like much when you are looking for a Thanksgiving turkey, but when you're in that delivery room it feels like a lot !
But after a few hours of misery, torture, hell, pushing and ten strangers staring at your "area" it was all worth it to see this little face.

They say you forget the experience and that's why women continue to have more babies, but I'm pretty sure I will remember every detail FOREVER.... Michelle Dugger must be out of her mind!

One of my mother's favorite expressions when I was younger was "Just wait till you have kids".... I used to think, "yeah okay mom...I won't question every place they are going or call to check up on them when they are out with their friends".... well, my opinon has changed... I still haven't decided if I will ever let Maddy out of the house. Maybe I can teach her that it's okay to be a hermit?

Okay ready for some more pics of the princess? It's crazy how fast she is already growing up!

Only a few minutes old with Auntie Shann



 ...I just love her...

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  1. I've never seen that pic of Maddy and I on the day she was born! She looks so cute!!:) I still have a pic on my iphone that I took as I was driving to the hospital that morning! It was strangely warm out and the moon was still showing at 6 am!! It was crazy!! Can't believe she's almost 1!!!