About Me

I'm the wife of an incredibly generous and fun loving husband
who makes me smile everyday. I am so thankful that my husband works so hard for us which allows me to be a stay at home mom. My days consist of spending time with my new daughter, Madyson Helena, who has changed my life forever. I have a degree in English Education and always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. Now I get to teach my daughter and look forward to all the days of arts & crafts, reading Dr. Seuss, and helping her with homework in my future. My family and I reside in the Boston area and I love everything about New England.
Some Fun Facts About Me:
  •  I love anything and everything PUMPKIN flavored...coffee, martini's, bread, muffins, ravioli & the list goes on and on and on

  • When I was in middle school I got a perm.......WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!

  • I'm naturally a red head.....but blondes have so much more fun!

  • I went through a bad fashion phase when I was younger and thought it was cool to wear flannel shirts......the phase might be over, but my brother-in-law still calls me "Flannel Monster"
  • I could beat anyone in Saved By The Bell trivia :)
  • I hate corn and get so jealous watching people eat it.. why can't there be more vegetables on cobs? It looks like such fun!
  • I can't whistle or do a cartwheel, but it's pretty funny to watch me try.
  • I am obsessed with Target!
  • I love ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS - the day after Thanksgiving my house turns into a winter wonderland !
  • Country music is my favorite - I could listen to it alllll day loooong!
Thanks for taking a moment to check out my blog!

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