The Coffey House

So here's a quick recap of how we became the Coffeys....

2008: I met Justin @ a bar named Whiskeys in Boston. Yes, I know.... who actually meets their spouse at a bar? Well I did and the next few years have been some of the best days of my life!

2009: Justin & I decided to purchase our very own home together - a condo that we called home for 3 wonderful years!

This is also the year we added a furry little member to our family. Welcome Mr. Whiskey Au Jus (my husband loves au jus sauce so he insisted on this as a middle name). We adopted Whiskey from a shelter and brought him home when he was just 8 weeks old... and since Justin and I met for the first time at Whiskey's we thought the name was appropriate :)

2010: This year was a big one for us! Justin proposed to me in February and of course I said YES! This picture was taken after celebrating with champagne, tequila shots, red wine. a scorpion bowl, and some mai tais....just in case you were wondering why my fiance looked a little fuzzy!

In August we visited an animal shelter to get a new kitty for my Nana, and when we saw Wayne sitting in his cage all alone we had to have him.... so Whiskey got a brother! I couldn't picture myself calling a cat "Wayne" so he became Bruin Wayne Coffey and now our family was complete...for now......

In November we got married at the Topsfield Commons - the day couldn't have been any more perfect and we had the time of our lives! Here are a few pics from that day :)

and just in case anyone was wondering if my husband was shy, this video proves otherwise:

After our wedding we honeymooned for a week in Aruba!

2011: On December 22nd we got a wonderful early Christmas present and welcomed our beautiful little daughter, Madyson into the world!

2012: With a new baby in the house, we were quickly running out of space so in June we purchased a house! This home couldn't be more perfect for us and we will spend the rest of our lives here building memories and loving every minute of it.

And that, my friends, is how we became the Coffey Cakes !
Here's a few "us" pictures....












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