Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Five Fridays

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 Top 5 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions
I think we can ALL agree that when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions Miss Britney had the worst ot them all. I don't think I could show my face in public after everyone & their mother had seen my business. I hope Britney remembers her undies from now on!
No that is not cleavage you are looking at, that's Sofia Vergara's butt crack after her dress split 20 minutes before she was due on stage @ this year's emmys. At least she was wearing underwear - Britney can learn a lot from her.
Okay Mariah....
We all love "All I Want For Christmas Is You", but I bet poor Nick Cannon is hoping you lose the camel toe for Christmas this year.
Kim... we know you have a huge bum...put some underwear on...please...thank you.
Scroll to the 1 min 8 sec mark to see this malfunction - at least Taylor remembered her undies!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Much To Be Thankful For

I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner this year and had a wonderful time with my family.
There are so many horror stories that you read about
 when families get together but luckily for me,
 my family is extremely close, we all get along so well,
 and we always have such a good time together.
There is so much that I am thankful for this year:
* My daughter Madyson 
Every day she makes me laugh. She is the happiest little girl I've ever met and even though she's only been here for 11 months, I can't even remember life before her,
* My hubby
I am so grateful for my husband and how hard he works for us. I know how lucky I am to be able to stay at home with Madyson and am so thankful that he will do anything in his power to make me happy. It might seem old fashioned (especially with so many career women out there these days) but, I love being a housewife. I look forward to having dinner on the table when he gets home from work and taking care of all the household chores.
*My Home
We bought a new house this summer and it's everything I could have hoped for. After searching online and going to numerous open houses I found that it was very difficult to find one that had everything we were looking for and had that "home" feeling. This one just seemed perfect for our family and I am so grateful that the first offer fell through and we were able to purchase this house - it feels like home here.
* My Family
I have two loving parents & two amazing sisters and I consider myself so blessed to have such a wonderful family. We spend so much time together and always have so much fun! In fact, all 8 of us (2 parents, 3 girls + 3 husbands) are all going to see A Christmas Carol this weekend - I can't wait!
Here are a few pictures from my Thanksgiving weekend!
Inspecting the turkey...
Time to put the turkey in !

Setting the tables

Maddy's seat :)

Posing in her turkey dress

Maddy with Auntie Shann & Uncle Mike

My nephew Caleb looking so handsome in his holiday sweater

My dad teaching my hubby how to carve a turkey

My little turkey

My sister, Brittney, with the two munchkins

Enjoying some toast


My two turkeys picking out the perfect Christmas tree

Learning how to do chores early

Setting up the tree!

Watching me decorate the house

Christmas Time Is Here !!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby's First Photo Shoot

Last week I took the princess to the mall for some Christmas pictures.
If anyone out there is wondering what happened to Minkus from Boy Meets World
I am pretty sure he was taking pictures at the mall last week...
Minkus did a good job getting Madyson to smile,
she was enjoying his corny humor and his obnoxious faces.
They must turn the heat up to 150 degrees in that place so the children are wam,
but I was sweating to death and ready to punch Minkus in the face if he made Madyson
do one more pose where her shoes fell off...
But the finished product was worth the sweat and the corny jokes:



and then we saw Santa in the middle of the mall and couldn't resist
having one more picture taken.
Madyson took home a handful of Santa's beard (sorry Santa) and he yelled
"ouch"! a few times, but she enjoyed the experience!


Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Years Down....A Lifetime To Go !

Today marks 730 days of being married for my hubby and I!
I can't believe 2 years has come and gone already.
I sent him this card this morning:

I'm really not THAT conceited, I did enjoy this card though.
Since I wasn't a blogger back then
 today I am going to share some of my wedding photos
with you and take a trip down memory lane.
We got married on a warmer than usual November night in 2010.
The temperature was 65 degrees that day and the sun was shining.
My sister Shannon often reminds me of our conversation that day when she called.
I think she expected me to be doing something glamorous or exciting since it was my wedding day.
ME: "Hello?"
SHANN: Heyyyyy! It's your wedding day! What are you doing????
ME: "Just cleaning out the litter box"!
SHANN: "Bahahahahaha"!!!!!
So maybe my day didn't start with anything too exciting, but that night was the best!


and here's a little bonus :)