Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Five Fridays

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 Top 5 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions
I think we can ALL agree that when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions Miss Britney had the worst ot them all. I don't think I could show my face in public after everyone & their mother had seen my business. I hope Britney remembers her undies from now on!
No that is not cleavage you are looking at, that's Sofia Vergara's butt crack after her dress split 20 minutes before she was due on stage @ this year's emmys. At least she was wearing underwear - Britney can learn a lot from her.
Okay Mariah....
We all love "All I Want For Christmas Is You", but I bet poor Nick Cannon is hoping you lose the camel toe for Christmas this year.
Kim... we know you have a huge bum...put some underwear on...please...thank you.
Scroll to the 1 min 8 sec mark to see this malfunction - at least Taylor remembered her undies!


  1. HAHAHA yes!! The Mariah one kills me!! How horrible!!!

  2. What fashion disasters! These celebs think sewing their clothes onto their bodies are such swell ideas I've noticed, LOL

  3. omg!! i never knew ANY of these exisited! ok maybe the brit one, but i forgot about it!!

    seriously these r awesome. such diasters.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing! We all need a good laugh on Friday!

  5. Oh, yuck. :x And here I thought all of these mishaps ended in 2008. ;)

  6. I am just glad that I'm not famous, so when I do something embarrassing, it's not all over the news right away!! Cute blog! I'll follow!
    stop on by sometime!!