Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Years Down....A Lifetime To Go !

Today marks 730 days of being married for my hubby and I!
I can't believe 2 years has come and gone already.
I sent him this card this morning:

I'm really not THAT conceited, I did enjoy this card though.
Since I wasn't a blogger back then
 today I am going to share some of my wedding photos
with you and take a trip down memory lane.
We got married on a warmer than usual November night in 2010.
The temperature was 65 degrees that day and the sun was shining.
My sister Shannon often reminds me of our conversation that day when she called.
I think she expected me to be doing something glamorous or exciting since it was my wedding day.
ME: "Hello?"
SHANN: Heyyyyy! It's your wedding day! What are you doing????
ME: "Just cleaning out the litter box"!
SHANN: "Bahahahahaha"!!!!!
So maybe my day didn't start with anything too exciting, but that night was the best!


and here's a little bonus :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful pics!!

  2. I love these photos - what a fun night that was!!!! Happy Anniversary- don't clean the litter box today:)

  3. such pretty pics! happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! Love all the weddings pic! And that ecard is hilarious!

  5. Your wedding venue is GORGEOUS! I love all the lights on the outside and the pink/purple lighting. Looks like a fabulous evening - Happy Anniversary!!
    Nikki at

  6. Seriously your wedding pictures are AMAZING and you are gorgeous! It looks like it was one hell of a great party for sure! Love your venue and your blue shoes (I wore hot pink!) and the BM dresses are so flattering (and the color of them are amazing!)

    Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!!