Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What is up with Christina's boobs?
I know I am not the only person tuning into The Voice each week and wondering
what exactly is going on in that bra of hers?
I love Christina
& who doesn't secretly know every word to
Genie in a Bottle?
But come on....... !!!
I think they need to give her boobs a buzzer & let them be the 4th judge!
While watching this week, my hubby must have said
"I wish she would just put a shirt on"
at least 10 times.
It's not that they aren't large....cuz they are.
They are just odd to look at.

I think this picture says it all:
Um, watchya lookin' at there, Hil? Christina Aguilera's boobs sure are getting a lot of attention these days! Hillary Clinton posed with the singer during an awkward photo op at the McGovern Awards at the U.S. Department of State on Oct. 3, 2012

Also, why wasn't I informed that wearing see-through lace
with NO bra was the cool thing to do these days?
Apparently showing some nips out on the town is the new norm...
If you wanna read more about socialite Brittany Gastineau and her
nips you can here.

I think I'll just get myself a pair of these ...
Have a FABULOUS Friday !



  1. HAHAHA ohhh Christina - Mike says the same thing whenever we watch the voice! What's up with those tatas? They look so floppy and bizarre in that shimmery dress!

  2. haha, that is so funny i always thing the same thing :)

  3. Oh my god! Hahahhahah LOVE THIS POST! You crack me up!

  4. Amen sister! I stood by Chriatina during her Dirrrty assless chaps phase, her horrific last album, but this, I can tolerate!

    My FB status on Monday night was...
    Dear Christina Aguilera,
    I love you. You are beautiful (in every single way) and oh so very talented. But please, for the love of everything holy, put those bosoms away!
    Love, MJ

    It got 137 likes!

  5. LMAO! i was dying and "ewwwing" at the christina pics. she definitely needs a better bra or SOMETHING. put those things away!

  6. lol YES! everytime my husband and I watch The Voice, I ALWAYS ALWAYS say some variation of "what is UP with her boobs?"

  7. haha seriously X Tina has got to do something with that situ.. my boss's 8 yr old son told him she should really wear a better shirt when filming haha. poor boy knows somethings up but not quite sure what!

  8. Those pics are hilarious! Totally agree her boobs are a little awkward. Your last pic made me laugh, thanks! And thanks for the comment on my blog!