Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!!
Since I am not dressing up today I think I will reminisce
with some pictures of Halloweens from the past...
This was not very creative at all and very last minute -
all they had left at the store was a baseball player....LAME
This year I went to a party as a Mafia woman...
and this was my friend the "Dirty Cowboy" 
and let me just tell you that YES that is a thong he is wearing....
and NO I don't have a pic of the backview!

This was the year of the slutty beer wench....very short...very slutty.

Me and my sisters @ a party a couple years ago
I was an 80's groupie
Brittney was Baby from Dirty Dancing
Shann was Jessica Rabbit
And this was my hubby....
there really are no words to describe these photos...


Happy Halloween!!!


  1. BAHAHAHA Happy Halloween Coffeys!!! :)

  2. Love all the costumes!! Happy Halloween!!!