Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Can't Live Without You

Last night my iphone decided to stop allowing me to make calls
which is kind of an important feature of a cell phone, don't you think?
So that got me thinking....
What did people do before cell phones?
 What other products do I depend on SO much that I can't live a day without them?
This is what I came up with :
obviously I can't live without my iphone!
Within 5 minutes of its death I was on the land line (which I've never actually used before tonight)
 contacting local cell phone stores to check thier inventory of apple products.
* Luckily my hubby was able to bring it back to life somehow *
I am trying to figure out how my great-grandmother got ready for a date
without one of these wonderful products.
Luckily someone came to their senses in 1912 and invented this amazing
tool that I use every day of my life.

You guys make my hair feel pretty
and I will be making a trip to Target soon for more of you!
Can you imagine living in a world where we would have to wake up....
make a WHOLE pot of coffee and wait  for it to brew?
Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for creating something so addicting that we are all guilty of
using on a hourly daily basis...
It's crazy to imagine how different our life would be if we were born in a different era:
This would be a typical Saturday night for us


  1. Is that a 7 Brides for 7 Brothers photo?? Oh man! Who knew the straightener was invented so early?? Thank gosh it was! Also....I knew something had to be wrong with your phone when you called me from a landline last night...and I screened your call cuz I had never seen the number before! HAHA

  2. I STILL don't have a smart phone! Can you believe it? I will say its very hard to get by without one these days and I am going to have to cave soon I think. Especially with blogging its a necessity.


  3. It really is amazing how addicted we are to our phones. I have bought my parents several coffee makers...they stil go back to perking coffee on the stove. I cant bring them around to this century. When i drink perked coffee it keeps me up all night. I can usually drink coffee and go right to sleep, not perked though. How about the days when it was only a Saturday night bath? blech!

  4. Yes, iPhone definitely a necessity... Contact Lenses are something i can't live without too! And yes, Facebook too... even though i hate admitting that. LOL

  5. I've been trying not to use my iphone as much, but it's not working out too well...I can't live without Milani eyeliner either!
    New follower! (Went to school with your sissy ShannFlann!!)