Monday, October 1, 2012

MEN & Their Secrets


They are supposed to be strong, watch football, and drink beer.
They want us ladies to think they are macho studs who can kill spiders
& change a tire without breaking a sweat.
But men aren't always fearless beefcakes...
Sometimes they are more like us than we know.
All men have deep, dark, secrets, that they hope we never find out...
So what secret was my hubby hiding from yours truly?
Well let's rewind about four years...
When I first started dating my husband he and his buddies had an apartment in Boston's South End.
An apartment filled with guys should contain:
Takeout menus
Dirty sneakers
More beer
So one night after going out for a night on the town
we went back to his place to hang out.
To my surprise I found something in his room that made me
 question whether or not I was the only girl he was seeing ..........
I accused him of cheating and told him I wasn't going to stick around if he was seeing other women.
He was embarrassed and got quiet. This is where I thought it was all over. In my head I was convinced that he was going to tell me he had another girlfriend or maybe even a wife!
But these are the words that came out of his mouth:
"It's mine".
So what secret was my hubby hiding that almost made me walk out the door?
Yup, that's right. Not only did he own an eyelash curler, but it was purple.
Why? you ask..
Well he claimed he had really long eye lashes and if he didn't use his curler they would get stuck in his eyes - In his defense he DOES have long lashes, so I do get it...
But come on!
Wouldn't you think the same thing?
Whatever happened to that infamous curler?
 It's in our bathroom cabinet and now we share it :)
So what un-manly secrets have your men hidden from you?


  1. Now THATS funny! Hahahah!


  2. HAHAHAHA I knew what was coming when I started reading this!! I like that you guys can share the curler now:)

  3. Omg that it amazing haha least he was man enough to admit it! I feel like most men wouldn't!

  4. Hilarious! What a dirty little secret. My hubby has definitely stolen my tweezers more than once. He may pluck "just the random stray hair" (uh huh, sure) more often than me!

  5. OMG that is so funny! i love that you guys share it now!

    my hubby isn't really girly in the beauty dept, but he is OCD/anal about how his house is decorated and the placement of objects. You should have heard the fights we got into when i moved in... he called himself queer eye for the straight guy interior decorator. it was a nightmare. LOL i'm already dreading the day we buy a house!