Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eight Months & Revenge...

Happy 8 months to my little princess.... Only 4 more months till her first birthday and I am already browsing the internet for fun party themes :) 

I had no idea I was so funny, but she seemed to enjoy the crazy faces I was making at her!

Now onto something else.... Who else is watching "Revenge"?? I am obsessed with this show and am so excited for new episodes next month! When the previews came out last year I set my DVR and a month or two went by before I watched it.... I was bored when my hubby was working late one night and started watching the first one....then the second...then before I knew it I was done and couldn't wait for the next episode! Unfortunately I watched the whole season without my hubby so I just ordered the first season on DVD so I can have everyone I know catch up before next month! This may be a bold statement, but in my opinion this may be the best show on television E-V-E-R! Each episode leaves me wanting more and I am so excited to re-watch the first season this weekend... Don't worry Shann, I promise you can borrow the first disc as soon as we are done! And for everyone who isn't watching it, I suggest you rent the first season on Netflix or get your butt to the store today to get a copy - you won't regret it :)

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  1. I love Maddy!!!! And I can't wait to borrow Revenge!!