Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh Fall! How I've Missed You So!

So........ it's that time of year when:

  • I am counting down the days till Dunkin' Donuts starts serving their delicious pumpkin coffee
  • I want the humidity to disappear and there to be a chill in the air that requires me to throw on a zip up
  • I look forward to all my favorite shows starting up again - can't wait for REVENGE!!!!!!
  • I start checking out the mall for some cute new clothes to add to my closet for the cooler months
  • I start browsing the internet for cute ways to decorate my house for Fall
  • I think about warm apple cider and pumpkin bread
  • I look forward to dressing Maddy up for her first Halloween... hmmmm, so many ideas...

The only downfall about this time of year is that I always feel like my hair is so over bleached and seems to have lost all it's shine and sparkle :( so it's time for the Fall Warm Up and add those low lights back in.....

I went through some old pics and realized I need to have my stylist warm me up!

So Monday I will be getting a FULL foil which usually takes a minimum of 3 hours since I have SOOOOO much hair.... it's a long time in the chair, but it's worth it because these roots may be cute:

but the ones on my head need to go !


  1. HAHAHA those roots are cute - I love low lights - I can't wait to get mine!!! Also - PLEASE dress Maddy up as a piece of pizza! hahaha if you find out when Dunkins starts serving the Pumpkin coffee call me ASAP - I don't care what time of day it is!

  2. Revenge Revenge Revenge!! I can't wait! Though, i think its moving to a new night come the fall.

    And the pizza costume is THE CUTEST! LOL