Friday, August 10, 2012

The Company House

I love to entertain for family and friends..........but I hate getting the house ready for company. This summer we have had numerous cookouts and parties. I feel like I have spent every Friday of my summer cleaning the house in preparation for my visitors. I am not a dirty person by any means, but the company house is different than the regular everyday house. Normally I can pick up the clutter, run the vacuum over the floor quickly, and make my bed. The company house requires so much more... ugh! Swiffering the floors, cleaning the mirrors, dusting the furniture, and making sure the house looks presentable. Normally it wouldn't be that hard of a task, but with a 7 month old requiring my full attention all day I'm not sure that my company house will be up to par for tomorrow night's festivities... oh well, I'll just serve my guests extra cocktails and maybe they won't notice :)


  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower from your sister's blog!

    I'm sure your company won't notice anything. They'll be too busy having a good time!

    1. Thank you for being my newest follower :) I'm sure you're right, my friends always do have a good time!