Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's O.K.A.Y.....

Ok, so it's 8 people still blog this late at night?! I think all the cool bloggers are on during the day. Oh well, this is the first free minute I've had to myself today.

Here's a Link Up for your viewing pleasure :

Its Ok Thursdays
Soooooooooo it's okay:
That some stupid wild animal got into my trash can last night and ripped open 3 bags of trash and I had to clean it up this morning

That my Nana told me she walks around her house naked....everyday.... not really sure what to think about this...............

That I'm drinking wine & watching a man who left his wife for a Trans-gender on Dr. Phil while I am writing this

funny gifs

That I ignored the doorbell and hid behind my couch when a solicitor was  at my door... SORRY, I DON'T WANT ANY!

That since I've become a stay at home mom I've become addicted to soap operas..and my grandma calls me to discuss them.......Is Liam going to make it to his wedding tomorrow?! The suspense is KILLING ME!

That my husband is working late and I am on my 3rd glass of myself....

This is all okay..... right???


  1. Hahaha that pic of Dr. Phil is killing me! You should have called me - I was at Aprile's having 2 glasses of vino myself!! :)

  2. omg the raccoon pic was hilarious!! that was TOTALLY what they think i bet!

    And i need some wine down here! more power to ya girl!

  3. I found you from Laura's blog and think this post is hilarious! I always love supporting Boston bloggers and can totally see this being me soon after I get married and have children :)

    Have a lovely weekend xo