Friday, September 14, 2012

Bucket List....FAIL!

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Soooooooooo...this is the post where I am supposed to show you how many things I have crossed off my bucket list in the past month, huh?
I just re-read my list and said to myself, "oh yeah! I forgot I was going to do that...
and that...and that"!
 I wish I had accomplished more over the past 30 days, but luckily I did manage to cross off a few of my items!
  • Get in shape & stick to an exercise routine ( ummm workout dvds have managed to hide themselves in a box in my closet.)

  • Plan a girls night out with my sisters & mom (this past month was so busy & we never managed to spend a night together! We need to do this soon though!)

  • Spend more time with my grandmothers (this one I did accomplish - I took the princess over to my grandmother's house for a surprise visit & my other grandmother stayed at my house for a few days while her home was being renovated)

  • Take Madyson to the beach (I don't think the princess was ready for the beach this summer - next year she will be splashing in the salt water for sure!)

  • Plan a weekend getaway (I am actually leaving for a weekend away this afternoon with my family and some friends! There's nothing like a nice weekend away in New England during the Fall)

  • Surprise the hubby with a date night (I talked about this one a lot....and thought about it some more.......then just never got around to doing anything - It's the hubby's busy time at work & we have a little princess at home so it's not as easy as it used to be to plan a spontaneous night out, but that's no excuse...I WILL PLAN A NIGHT OUT SOON!)

  • Organize my makeup and beauty supplies (yeah right! this one didn't happen either...booooo!)

  • Go to a winery (My sisters and I are planning a surprise trip to a local winery next month for our parent's hopefully I can cross this off my list soon!)

  • Eat out at a new restaurant (I didn't make it out to any NEW restaurants the last few weeks...ugh! I stink at this whole bucket list thing!)

  • Go to an outdoor concert (nope!)

  • Bring Maddy to the zoo (Why did I think I would have time for this over the last 30 days?!)

  • Try to make Beef Wellington (one of my hubby's faves) ( just last night I promised the hubby that I would attempt to make this for him - we are both obsessed with all of Gordon Ramsey's shows so every week he is reminded of the beef wellington that I have NOT made for him.)

  • Host a fun themed cocktail party (Although I have had a few mini parties that involved cocktails (sometimes too many), I have not had my grown up cocktail party where we drink pretty martini's in fancy glasses)

  • Bake a cake from scratch ( I did bake a cake, maybe two.....but not from scratch = FAIL!)

  • Be able to fit into my old jeans (FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!)

  • Start to play the piano.... again.... (well I now have a that's a start, but I have not started playing again....yet.)

  • Organize my closet (yeah you really think I did this one???)

  • Finally wear the heels my hubby gave me when I was 9 months pregnant (no AGAIN!)

    Well I wish I had done a better job on my list...but it's a new month & I will try harder to accompish more of my goals over the next 30 days :)


    1. You know what girl it still looks like you got a few done and looks like you have planned and thought a lot about most of em! It's the thought that counts! :) I'm proud of ya better then me I don't even have a bucket list! Thank you for inspiring me to make one!

    2. haha, i didn't really do many of the things on my bucket list either, and actually didn't have time to link up. i'm going to try to link up for next month instead!

    3. That is quite the list. A baby makes a lot of those things harder so give yourself a break. You will get to it. I too am going to try to make beef wellington when it gets cooler out. I just need to find an alternative to the pate you put in between the crust and the beef! I love Gordon Ramsey shows except fot the new hotel show. I hope you enjoy your weekend get away!