Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sis !

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you....
You look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too!

Today's post is dedicated to my little sis who is turning 27 tomorrow!

How is my LITTLE sister already 27?

Now I feel old...

So many of you already know Shannon from her blog

But many of you don't know this girl the way I do!


I apologize ahead of time if you weren't ready for all these stories to come out...

Shann is the youngest of the three girls in our family

Here she is turning heads in this little swimsuit like she's in Sport Illustrated:

Taking a nap with mom

Rockin' the pig tails like it was her job:

Another nor'easter in good ole' New England
Glad mom bundled us up like we were living in the wilderness during this storm.

I can't really make fun of Shann in this pic since she is a cute little kitty cat
and I am a big ole drunk gypsy

and that princess in the middle is Brittney (our middle sis) who is still trying
to find time to create a bloggy of her own.

So you all know Shannon as the glamorous girly girl who
 blogs about beauty & fashion...right?

Well let's play a little game:

Please choose the answer that does NOT describe Shann:

1. She used to catch frogs in the sewer out front of our house.

2. She got in trouble in elementary school for collecting crickets at recess
then keeping them in her desk.

3. She used to dress like a total tomboy complete with a Cleveland Indians baseball cap
(even though we were a Red Sox family)

4. She dressed up as Boy George and lip synced to "The Crying Game"
while big sis Michele video-taped her.

Okay everyone got their answer?

Well guess what?


It's hard to picture her that blonde bombshell with her whole arm (up to her shoulder)
in the sewer fishing around for slimy frogs but it's true! Today she won't even go near a frog or a toad but back then it was her favorite past time.

I couldn't make #2 up! What normal little girl collects crickets at recess?
Most of them are playing on the swings right?
Yeah I dunno what she was thinking.

I'm not even sure she knew who the Cleveland Indians were...
she must have just liked the team colors.

I wish I had the video to share with you of her serenading the
family with some Boy George, but unfortunately
I'll have to search around my parents house for proof of this one!

Luckily for us and her future hubby, Shannon quickly grew out of her tomboy phase
and became the beautiful girl you see today.

Remember, no matter how old you get...
I will still be your older and wiser big sis :)

lil' sissy!

Love, Big Shell
(& thanks for coming up with that horrific nickname when we were younger)


  1. Hahahahaha I love this - thanks for the bday shout out post and for sharing all of those wonderful facts about me:) See you tomorrow for birthday mimosas!!!!!!!

  2. I loved learning more about Shannon! If you could find that video and post it...It would be priceless. I love the picture of you girls in the snow. It reminds me of that movie a Christmas Story. Great pictures. Gorgeous family! Have a good weekend.

  3. Love the pics :)
    The Boy George video would be priceless!