Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashionista In The Making

Having a little girl is so much fun when it comes to fashion.

I can't believe that my little pumpkin will be 9 months old tomorrow!
Wow... I sound like a granny, but they do grow up too fast.
Maddy's closet has so many more cute outfits & accessories than mine has ever had.
and the best part is...
she has to wear whatever I put on her!
She is too young to have an opinion (yet)...
So until she turns sweet sixteen I will have fun dressing her up in the cutest
little tu-tus, onesies, & matching bows that I can find.
Now........ onto the Baby Fashion Show...


 Some oldies when she was still a little munchkin...

Future swimsuit model pose :)

and in case you were wondering where this future fashionista got her incredible style from, take a look at her momma back in the day:


 Happy Friday !

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA love that pic of you on the rock - such a classic!! Maddy has great style:) Can't wait til she's big enough to pick out her own clothes haha