Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Morning iPhone Dump

Not much to say about this post - we'll just let the pictures do the talking :)
I am SO excited that pumpkin coffee is back - Fall is officially upon us!
Since Fall has arrived (in my opinion) it was time for some low lights...

I just love this little face (although she did inherit my big round face, so I'm not sure how little it really is)

The hubby and I

The princess with my dad, aka Papa Jack to her

The princess loves to pose for the camera - this is her glamour shot

Sleeping Beauty

So excited to have new toys to play with - love seeing her smile all the time

The Princess with her Nana
I wish I could fit in this thing, it must be great exercise for the thighs!

The hubby and I took my parents to a jazz club in Boston for dinner & a show - such a fun night!

Whenever I tell him to pose for the camera, the hubby does this.....

My mom - so thankful for good genes.... Does she look like she has a 32 year old daughter?! You better have given these great genes to me mom!

The family dog - Chloe.... this was on her 9th birthday, she's the best dog :)

Last month I woke up and found this on the calendar.... Our wedding anniversary isn't until November, but the hubby wanted to celebrate the day we actually started dating so he surprised me with a night out!

Who knew the hubby still had smooth moves?!! When we got to the table at the restaurant there were rose petals & champagne waiting for us!

The princess loves to swim with Daddy

have a good weekend xoxo


  1. Both you and your sister hit the gene pool lottery. Your mom is gorgeous too. That baby of yours....she is just too precious! Love the cheeks! That restaurant looks nice. I may have to check it out. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. We sure are lucky to have her genes:) Love all the Maddy pics!:)

  3. aww super cute pictures and love everything about your blog :) had to share!