Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mini Getaway with the Fam !

I've been waiting for this weekend for months now. Ever since I was a young girl (actually even in the womb) I have been spending the 3rd weekend of September in Vermont with my family.
It's a tradition.
and I love family traditions.
We don't stay in a fancy hotel.
There is no beach.
There is no cocktail lounge.
No live entertainment.
We don't go to 5 star restaurants.
So what kind of vacation is this you ask?
The best kind, in my opinion.
My family started this tradition before I was born and we have continued it 32 years later. It's the one weekend a year we can all count on & no matter how old we get, it never gets old.
We stay at a tiny motel in a small country town called Shaftsbury.
We pack up the car Friday afternoon and make the 3 hour journey together. When we get there the weather is usually crip enough for us to pull out the sweatshirts and our warm fleece jackets and when we arrive it's just in time for happy hour....well you may call it sitting in these chairs drinking pumpkin ale, but we call it happy hour!
We drink...
Sister Shann loves her pumpkin beer :)
The hubby, Dad, & My bro-in law enjoying some cocktails upon arrival last year.
We play games
This pic shows the hubby mid-throw during an intense game of horsehoes.

We pose for family pictures.
The hubby, Me ( 6 months pregnant ), Dad rocking the fake hair hat, & My Brother in Law Mike
We pose with scarecrows
Sometimes we pose with scarecrows while drinking warm apple cider:
We pose with bears

(Bro in law Scott & Sis Brittney)
We pose with puppets
We introduce new family members to the annual tradition
(Nephew Caleb enjoying his first family vacation!)

We pose with funny looking old vans
(mom & shann)

We pose in a basket of apples

and we pose in cardboard cow cut-outs
To many people this may not be glamourous but it's not meant to be.
 It's our way of getting away from work, from traffic, from the hustle & bustle of every day life and a way to relax with the ones we love most.
This year I get to introduce my daughter, Madyson, to her first official (out of belly) family vacation. I hope it will be the first of many annual trips we take with her.
It's important to build family memories.
My parents did such an amazing job filling my memory with such happy times we spent together and I hope to do the same for my daughter.
It may be a little early, but cheers to another fun-filled weekend away!
Vermont = here we come....again!


  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog last week and quickly became a follower. I love your blog! You have a beautiful family! I too love vacations like that, I hope you and your family have fun! Might I suggest stocking up on Southern Tier Pumking pumpkin ale. I think it is brewed in VT, so it's probably super easy to find up there (I'm from Philly and it's sometimes hard to find down here)

    Stop on by to my blog and say hello if you like
    Have Fun!


  2. So great! Have fun!


  3. Hey...just found your blog through a friend and started following! Your vacation sounds amazing, have a great time! The fall outdoors is so refreshing and relaxing!

  4. I miss the Vermont Trips, I'm so jealous!! Have fun!

  5. What a cute family! Welcome to blogging it looks like you are gonna be totally amazing at it. WHat a cute family! Nice to meet ya girly!!! You have a great blog here keep it up!! Excited to be your NEWEST follower