Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's 9.11...Never Forget & Smile

As we all know today is September 11th... Twelve years ago this day didn't mean anything to us, but today and every year for the rest of our lives we will be reminded of the horrific tragedy that our nation faced. I know a lot of people are dedicating their posts to those affected by this tragedy and I am going to do the same.
Here are some pictures to make you smile & feel good on a day that will forever be plagued by sadness...

Remember to say I love you to your loved ones today & every day that follows.
Life is too short.
...Never Forget...


  1. I love the cat in the Abercrombie bag hahahaha

  2. Great job remembering with a smile.

  3. omg i love that little pig in boots. he's so cute!
    and the wig wearing dog at the end rocks!