Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OKAY!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay that it's after 1:00 and I still haven't gotten dressed today.
It's okay that the last 2 frosted sugar cookies I had made jumped into my mouth on their way to the trash can.
It's okay that my kettlebell workout dvds are still in the box and haven't made it into my dvd player.
It's okay that I tricked my hubby and substituted some recipes with ground turkey instead of beef - he enjoyed every bite though :)
It's okay that I'm still wearing my white flip flops and it's past Labor Day.
It's okay that I haven't had a mani or pedi in months......... no it's not okay actually, I need to make an appointment asap!
It's okay that my mums are on my front steps & my fall decorations are out even though it's still summer.
It's okay that I really want a brownie after having my lean cuisine for lunch...
It's okay that it's Thursday - that means the weekend is right around the corner & football is in the air!


  1. If you make a mani/pedi appt....make one for me - I need both desperately!!!

  2. Oh my gosh. Can we be friends?!!! I just read your "about" page (after some vanilla wafers jumped into my mouth...the nerve of them) - and I too had a HORRIBLE high school perm, "the flannel years", and was obsessed with Saved By The Bell. And honey, don't EVEN get me started on pumpkin. My husband is convinced I shall turn orange from the sheer amount of pumpkin flavored goodness I consume each fall. :-) - Anyway, it was so nice to find your blog today. I enjoyed my time here immensely! Have a great evening...

  3. Don't you just hate when they just jump in? Hahaha I'm following!


  4. I need to see if I can trick my hubby into healthier food!